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Similar to the blueprint of building a house; we’ll design the life you envision based on your vision, values and objectives to create your financial road map.

I’ll use a trusted investment strategist to manage your investments, similar to a general contractor that builds the home. While I love investments and use it as a tool to help achieve your financial plan, I prefer to hire specialists that spend their days focused on managing portfolios. So, I can free up my time to focus on you and your plan.

Together, we’ll focus on all areas that make up a financial plan: cash flow management, debt repayment strategies, short-term and long-term savings goals, retirement planning, investment management, tax planning and estate planning. Think of these as the different rooms throughout your home, each one serves its own purpose, you might spend a little time in one area versus another. But, put them all together and it makes it your dream home.

Overtime we’ll maintain your plan, make sure you’re on track and make any changes as life events occur. Similar to doing annual maintenance on your home or completing home renovations every few years. We’ll meet at least annually and I’m always available via email or text.

Discovery Call

Our time is valuable, we start every engagement with a 15-20 minute discovery meeting to make sure we're a good fit for one another. 

How Can We Help?

This will be a 60-minute meeting to better understand your needs and discuss the value we can provide.

Email Proposal

We'll follow-up to summarize how we can help you, recommend the appropriate service model, and provide an estimated fee if you were to agree to become a client.

Think it Over

Are you ready to improve your financial life? Take some time to think it over. If you're ready to commit, let us know and we will lay out expectations and next steps. 

Have questions? Send us a message!

Thank you!