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Pre-retirees, 50+

Pre-retirees, 50+

You're ready to start getting serious about retirement, but you have no idea whether or not you're on track to reach your goal. Maybe you don't quite know what your goal is. We'll provide clarity and help relieve any fears or stress related to this next chapter of life. You'll feel confident that you've planned for the uncertainties ahead.

How I work with pre-retirees:

  • Define retirement goals
  • Conduct a retirement check-up: Are you on track to retire at your desired goal?
  • Retirement Optimization
  • Asset allocation review
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Investment Management



You've done all the work, now it's time for you to enjoy the retirement you envision. Pass the reigns onto a trusted teammate who works in your best interest. Together we'll create a road map to make sure you live a stress-free and meaningful life. We'll make sure all of your financial strategies align with your values and help you live the life you've worked so hard for.

How I work with Retirees:

  • Meaningful Life Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Custom Retirement Income Distribution Plan
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Appropriate Insurance Strategies
  • Tax Efficient Planning
  • Estate Planning
Building Wealth

Building Wealth

This is meant for those who are looking to have their assets managed, likely looking to rollover an old 401(k) or invest outside of their retirement accounts.

What we'll accomplish:

  • Review all current investments
  • Identify your risk tolerance
  • Determine goals of investment account(s)
  • Customized Investment plan
  • Ongoing monitoring

Number of meetings:

  • 2-3 meetings during first 45 day on-boarding partnership
  • 6-month virtual check-in meeting
  • 1 face-to-face (or virtual) 60-minute annual meeting